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W.A. Mozart – Requiem (Sequentia) (1791)

Requiem Mass in D Minor K. 626 (Sequentia)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Holy Roman Empire, now Austria), 1756-1791.

The Requiem is a mass composed by Mozart. Given that he died before completing the piece, the missing parts were finished by Süssmayr, following Mozart indications where available. While it is known that Sanctus and Agnus Dei were fully written by Süssmayr, for the rest of the parts Mozart either finished them (e.g., Introitus) or left drafts (Kyrie or Dies Irae and Lacrymosa).

It consists of 7 parts, each of them divided into its own movements. Next I detail Sequentia movements only:

  • Introitus
  • Kyrie eleison
  • Sequentia
    • Dies irae
    • Tuba mirum
    • Rex tremendae
    • Recordare
    • Confutatis
    • Lacrymosa
  • Offertorium
  • Sanctus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Communio